I’ve always found it difficult to write or talk about myself, and maybe it’s because we are supposed to be leery of talking about ourselves because society demands we crush our little egos for the benefit of insecure people. I chose the term insecure because I have suffered my share of people who are crushed when they realize they are not the sun gods of the proverbial universe, bested by others. Ben Folds wrote—or rather sang it best: “There’s always someone out there cooler than you.” In the same vein, there is always someone more accomplished than you, or someone who will crush your records, who will challenge your ego, who will make you feel impostery, inconsequential, either purposely or by accident. We have two choices in such a scenario: sulk in our little corners or rise to the occasion. Surprisingly, in my short time on this earth, I’ve noticed tend to choose the former. A shame, really.

Until I write a proper “About” section, these quotations will have to suffice.

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